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Bestepup Dance Company

Bestepup Dance Company website is for organizing and managing dance competitions. The website displays the dance competitions and its schedule, and the option to register in each of the dance competition through a third party registration system. This is just an informative website with no e-commerce system involved.

The website provides the ability to perform the following:

1. Competitions: The website displays all the dance competitions created by the admin, with its schedule, venue details etc.

2. Registration: This allows the visitors or the dance groups to take part in the dance competition by clicking on Registration. The site integrates a third party application which handles the actual registration. Bestepup website redirects the users to the website managing registrations.

3. Rules: There is a rule section which displays all the rules under specific heads. The rules can also be downloaded as a pdf document.

4. Results: The website displays all the results which can be downloaded as a pdf document.

Technical Description

1. The website has been made using PHP and CodeIgniter.

2. There is the front end of the website for the visitors and Admin panel for creating new competitions, uploading schedule, result and rules.

3. Connectivity of WordPress and CodeIgniter.

  • Skills: MySQL, Javascript, AJAX , JQUERY, HTML5, CSS3
  • Technology: PHP, CodeIgniter


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