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Epic foods services

Epic Foods Services Project is an e-commerce website developed in WordPress for selling/distributing over 6000 food products to restaurants, organisations, etc., customer relationship management and some basic accounting features to generate Invoice and keep accounting records. The project includes a front end website and a back-end CMS system to manage the customers, Inventory and accounts.

The website has been made to specifically perform the following:

1. To search the product by its name or Item number.

2. The ability to generate invoices and print with details of the selected product like quantity, brand, pack size, price etc.

3. To generate customer’s account with a username, password and set the customer category.

4. E-commerce features to search the desired product and add it to the cart to place order.

5. Sales analysis, receivables, separate accounts for each vendor.

6. Immediately email notifications to the warehousing and sales departments of the orders placed.

Technical Description

1. The website has been made in WordPress.

2. Connectivity of WordPress and Woocommerce.

3. The Admin panel has the ability to add new products, set price and other required details, and delete the product. Admin also has the ability to add or delete customer profile,

4. Data entry of all the product data (available in the printed form) on the website.

  • Skills: MySQL, Javascript, AJAX , JQUERY,Theme Customization, Woocommerce plugin Customization
  • Technology: PHP, Wordpress


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