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Topwin allow user to play Games like - Live Casino, Mobile Casino , Sports Book. First user have to register himself on topwin. After login user is able to see MyAccount section, This section allow user to Request gameID. The number of games site allow user to play is listed in this section. once GameId requested by user, It will display under the Game name in MyAccount section. Bank details also listed in this section. user can update his profile information in this section. Bank details is useful at the time of making deposit or withdrawal.

A deposit section allow user to submit deposit ticket . At the time of ticket submission user select deposit method and also submit the deposit receipt.This deposit ticket will check by backoffice (backoffice.topwin88.com).Similar user can submit the withdrawal ticket under the withdrawal section. Withdrawal ticket also check at the backoffice.Using transfer section member user can transfer money from one game account to other game account. And the transaction section allow user to see the status of submitted tickets (Deposit and withdrawal).

A live chat is very helpfull utility for member user. This utility helps user to take advice from the support team about the game.


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