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Within the sales Strategies the main and most basic mistake which companies make is putting pressure on a sales team to fight for every lead until the last drop of blood. Such an attitude effects in wasting time for a struggle to build a relation with a person who wasn’t interested in a product in the first place. At the same time, the sales team has no time to develop a relation with promising clients.

So how efficiently verify collected Leads to make sure you are only focused on the most promising ones on the next stage of the sales process?

Answer is BANT. B.A.N.T. approach involves the determination of critical criteria; what lead means for you and what assumption it has to meet to gain“sales opportunity” status.
where BANT stands for Budget,Authority,Need and timeline.

Now comes to our website

Basically, Our website is basically for the Sales marketing purpose and help to manage the agent-client relationships and to train the newly appointed agents on the BANT approach by integrating it in our website.

Our website has two phases one for the user(Agent) and one for the Admin(Manager).


1.First of all, Agent has to register on our website.
2. Once Agent is registered then they have permissions to access the website.
3.When Agents try to login to our website then it will redirect them to their Agent dashboard.
4.On Agent Dashboard, We have provided two modes- Agent mode and Conference mode.The agent can switch between these two modes by the simple toggle button.


a) In Agent Mode, Agent can perform the activities related to himself only.Like, when Agent start the button, then his/her audio will transcribe to text in the real-time through the google speech API Integration. This thing helps the agent to make him/her silver-tongued.

b) When Agent is transcribing audio to the text then our website shows how many words are spoken in one minute and shows this stats on the agent dashboard in every one minute.

c) On the Agent's transcribed text then we are calculating sentiment analysis.So, Agent can understand whether his/her words shows positive impact or negative impact. In every one minute, we have shown an emoticon on the dashboard which shows that the agent's transcribed text is either positive or negative.

d) Now the most important part is, Agent has to satisfy the BANT criteria.That means Agent's transcribed words should contain all the things to satisfy all these 4 points. In every one minute if Agents criteria are satisfied than the pie chart of the particular section changes its color and Let Agent know wheter he/she has satisfied the criteria(Budget, need, authority, Timeline) or not.When all the criteria are satisfied then Agent knows now he/she can disconnect the call otherwise he/she has to continue until unless all the sections are satisfied.

e) On the agent dashboard, we have provided a call player too.Whatever the Agents speak, they can listen to their own voice too after completing the call.

f) On above we have shown a stats panel where it shows the total calls of an agent in agent mode and calls time and average call time and average sentiment of the agent mode.

Now move to the Second mode i.e Conference mode:-

If Agent is fully trained and Now, he/she capable to supervise the clients. Then, they can use the conference mode.

The conference mode is very similar to Agent mode except for one thing i.e-

a) In Agent mode where Only Agent's voice is transcribing to text Now In Conference, we provide the facility to transcribe the Client's audio to text. In this mode, Agent can make a conference call with the client through VOIP(voice over IP) by integrating it our website and where the API is recording their conversation as well as the transcribed text of client in the insight panel on the agent's dashboard.

b) In conference mode, we have same features as Agent mode like current sentiment analysis for the positive or negative impact of agent's call on the client, word count per minute i.e how many words have been spoken by the client in one minute and call player to show the client's audio. On above we have shown a stats panel same as agent mode but it shows the total calls of an agent, calls time, average call time and average sentiment but in the conference mode.

II. Admin(Manager):

An Agent's account only contains his/her own activity.But, for users who register/sign in as administrators (admins) an additional tab consisting the admin dashboard would be enabled and it contains the following:

1.All the current functionality provided to an Agent in the agent's dashboard.

2.An admin dashboard that outlines activity across agents tied to the particular organization.These activities/metrics are as outlined below:

a) A list of Agents tied to the organization,and When clicking on particular agent it shows statistics for that agent(i.e. metrics like total calls, total call time as well).

b) Usage statistics (avg duration of all the agents,average sentiment across all the agents, total call time of all the agents)

c) This Admin dashboard allows the Admin to check the total calls of the all the agents tied to that organization in the agent mode as well as in the conference mode.An organization can have 1 or more manager so we can have one or more admins for the same organization level.

d) This Admin Dashboard contains the word cloud which contains all the entites used accross the organization with its sentiment(Positive,negative and neutral).

e) This Word cloud specific agent's wordcloud and organization level word cloud.In Agent's word cloud, if admin clicks on the particular agent in the table shown on admin dashboard then word cloud for the agent mode and conference mode shown on the admin dashboard.

For Payment:

Agents and manager can access this website through Four membership level on the monthly basis and on the yearly basis:

1. Trial
2. Basic
3. Premium
4. Enterprise

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